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This is a transcription of a speech given by Major General William F. Tompkins describing his experience exploring the grounds at Gunston Hall.

A biography of George Mason IV.

A brief biography of William Buckland.

A journal articles describing Gunston Hall, including photographs and drawings.

This is the page on the Library of Congress website that holds the plans for the Historical American Building Survey of Gunston Hall.

This is the main website for Gunston Hall. It includes information regarding the building's history including its construction as well as some important people relating to it.

An article describing George Mason's activities in the western areas of the colonies.

Omeka Tutorial PowerPoint
This is a PDF of a PowerPoint presentation that covers what Omeka is and an example of an exhibit. It also includes a detailed account of creating an Omeka site.

1938 Air003_3
This is an aerial view of Gunston Hall taken in 1938.

Cross Section.jpg
These are cross section drawings of Gunston Hall

Profile Location Sheet.jpg
This plan shows the exterior profiles for the rooms on the first floor.

Interior Profiles.jpg
These plans show the interior profiles of Gunston Hall.

Cental Passage Plan.jpg
This plan shows the architectural drawing of the main hallway at Gunston Hall.

Chamber Plans.jpg
These plans show the drawings for the Chamber elevation and walls.

Little Parlor.jpg
These plans show the elevation plan and wall structure for the Little Parlor.

Dining Room.jpg
These plans show the Dining Room walls and exterior.

Palladium Room.jpg
These drawings have the plans for the Palladium Room, including the exterior elevation, door, and walls.

Exterior Profiles.jpg
A plan for the exterior profiles of Gunston Hall.

Exterior Details.jpg
A plan detailing some of the details on the exterior of Gunston Hall.

West Elevation.jpg
The West Elevation plan for Gunston Hall.

South Elevation.jpg
The South Elevation plan for Gunston Hall.

East Elevation.jpg
The eastern elevation plan for Gunston Hall.

This is a drawing of the decoration in the central hallway.

Orchard c1880.jpeg
An old photograph overlooking the orchards at Gunston Hall.

June 1924 Air004.jpg
This is an aerial view of the home and the area immediately surrounding it.
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