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Gunston Hall Photos


Gunston Hall


These are photographs taken at Gunston Hall. Most photos were pulled from the Historic American Buildings Survey conducted by the Library of Congress, but a select few were provided by Gunston Hall Library & Archives.


Historic American Buildings Survey

Gunston Hall Library & Archives


Library of Congress

Gunston Hall Library & Archives


Michael Roth

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Aerial View - 1923
This is an aerial view of Gunston Hall taken in 1923.

Aerial View - 1924
This is an aerial view of the home and the area immediately surrounding it.

Aerial View - 1938
This is an aerial view of Gunston Hall taken in 1938.

This is a view of the first floor chamber.

Detail of Stairway
This is a close-up of the stairway bracket to show the level of detail in the carving. Each stair had its own carving as seen here.

Dining Room
This is a view of the dining room from the hallway, looking northeast.

Central Hallway
The is the view as you enter Gunston Hall from the north entrance.

Little Parlor
This image is of the Little Parlor, looking east.

North Side
This is a view of the north side of Gunston Hall (the photographer is looking south), looking down the main approach to the building from the street.

An old photograph overlooking the orchards at Gunston Hall.

Palladium Room
This is a view of the Palladium Room.

South Porch
This is a view of the south porch of Gunston Hall.

Southwest View
This is a view of the southwestern side of the building.

View from the Gardens
This is a view from the gardens to the southeast side of Gunston Hall.

View from the Second Floor
This image was taken from the second floor and looks south towards the Potomac River.
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